Carnegie Corporation, along with dozens of nonprofit grantees and partner organizations working with us to create pathways to educational opportunity for students everywhere, believes in the power of great teaching.

American education today is full of dramatic changes and increasing demands for teachers and their students. Yet despite these daunting challenges, our country is rich in excellent teachers. We find them coast-to-coast, from urban and rural areas, in elementary, middle, and high schools.

This project—PICTURE THIS! GREAT TEACHING—aims to shine a light on the important, inspiring work they do. So join Carnegie Corporation and our partners in celebrating talented teachers everywhere. Think about what great teaching looks like to you; if you know a great teacher or can picture inspired teaching in action, share your photo(s) here.

Our grantees and partners are working nonstop in support of great teaching…recruiting the best talent, providing the right training, and supporting and motivating teachers to help them be the best they can be. Join their efforts here, and together we can show the world what great teaching looks like.